The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon has a bright, full aroma of red fruit on the nose, with a lively palate on first taste. Red fruit flavours dominate until smooth, soft tannins fill the palate, adding just enough weight for a rounded, long finish.

This wine is lighter than expected as no Sulphites have been added, yet it exhibits the body, tannin and weight that will allow it to age well for some years to come.


The 2009 Merlot has a powerful upfront aroma of clean dark fruits, which unfolds to blackberry and currants on the palate. The wine has a smooth, long finish with hints of dark chocolate tannins. A complex, balanced offering that tasters often mistake for an old world wine. This harmonious wine will only get better with age.

The 2013 Chenin Blanc boasts a certain richness that is evident from the initial aroma – vanilla oak combined with stone fruits -  some of which appear stewed, and some still as fresh as the day they were picked! The mouth is full and rounded, exhibiting layers of complex fruit, supported by vanillin and an earthy oaky-ness that lingers after swallowing.

This wine is a definite candidate for multiple food pairings and bold enough to be served with red wines.    

The 2014 Sauvignon Blanc is inviting on the nose with a good mix of overt tropical fruit with subtle, fresh green notes in the background. The palate delivers on this promise with an abundance of tropical fruit and a full finish.  Each sip invites you back for the next taste of this dry, crisp but complex wine.